Optimize your Chrome for more utility


hi again !

Recently we got a many ideas why many people have problems using their Chrome while we don’t , and it works for us as charming as …. , So we looked into their browser and we found some differences , small ones but very effective !

The Home button


The home button is very very useful when you just want to go back to your Hope page as fast as you can , instead of opening a new tab and writing the address. It also helps a lot when your Hope page is a little bit complex in it’s web address.

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Reduce your bookmarks to Icons only


You can reduce all of your Bookmarks in you Bookmark bar to icons just by deleting the name of the bookmark.
You can do it when you click on the favorites Star or by clicking with right button and choosing edit bookmark and deleting the name

Pin tabs

PIN tab

You can pin any tab so that it will popup every time you launch Chrome , it is very helpful if you are like me you always check your financials online or check your Payment date everyday, or even the Social media (some will do that). So i highly recommend it

reopen recent closed tags

You can also Reopen your closed tags to re look for something or recheck an image, Or sometimes because you missed click on the small cross and closed it, Especially if you open a lot of tabs and the tab goes small comparing to the cross.

Thank you for reading, try latest posts for more Fantastic stuff !

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