MultiMoniter is good as long as you use it right


Hi again !

You may have seen in some movies Tech Guys or Girls using more than one monitor, or FBI/CIA agents doing the Same. Don’t think your self a fool if once you wanted something like that, all people do.
You may ask what is the benefit of these multimonitors, that is totally right !

The Multimonitor is really a useful trick especially when it comes to work : as in some jobs you ill need to make some controls or supervise many machines at the same time, so you will need many windows opened at the same time.
To solve this problem Factory Managers Has placed many monitors connected to the same Computer.
Whiile being able to Move swiftly from one to an other just By moving the cursor the one side you will find it moving in the other monitor , it is basically an extended monitor .

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Designers also may want To use more than one monitor for maximizing the Use of the Designing tools, For exemple many Photoshop users tend to extend all of their windows one by one in a second monitor in order tomake the work luch more easier .
3D designing also needs the Multi Monitor since there are so many panles to use and many buttons to press, Games design has proven to be a good live esemple for using more than one standard monitor and we can see it in many interviews with Creators, you can see for yourself by trying Unity

Even when you have a laptop you can install an other monitor directly by plugging it to your Laptop and choosing the extend option, you can do it by pressing one of the F keys , could be F3 or F4

Thank you for reading !

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