IBM’s new supercomputing chip mimics the human brain

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After 3 years since the Last Human Brain mimic chip was released , IBM has started to develop a new chip that surpasses the first one by 1K neurons and that is Big.

The first Chip has been reformed and developed to create a new chip Named: SyNAPSE chip, That surpasses it’s predecessor by 1K neurons, 256 million synapses and 4,096 neurosynaptic cores, While using a minimum of Power , precisely 70mw. and If you didn’t understand that Clearly what you should know is that these numbers are incredible and impressive, Also this Chip has a great Capability of Joining tasks together in order to Execute them in parallel Like the human Brain does , Impressive !

Traditionally, the faster the processor or the Chip is the more power it needs, but this New Chip Created by IBM has proven this rule wrong, and it make IBM ahead of the rest of the Companies as the IBM’s Chief Scientist Dr. Dharmendra S. Modha says it requires power equivalent to that of a battery from a hearing aid.

IBM has also Created a Proper Programming laungage only compatible to this New Chip’s Hardware, it was predictable since this IBM project received a great fund of a 53 million from DARPA. IBM hasn’t publicly announced any partnerships to leverage its new SyNAPSE chip yet, though discussions are surely taking place !

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