How to make a Transparent Laptop


hi again !

Look clearly to this Photo :


Fantastic right ? Transparent laptop ( it will just be for that picture ) So let me show you how to make a Transparent laptop

10 Steps so follow them, You will need a Camera and a laptop, an image editor (photoshop/gimp / paint is not capable of everything )

Step one

Set up a camera on a tripod where you want your laptop to be.

Step Two

This step you have a couple options. You can either take a picture of the scene with your laptop absent, or just closed (my choice). If you chose the latter, make sure your laptop won’t be visible where the screen will be open in the next photo, or it may kinda destroy the effect.

Step Three
Now open up your laptop and take another photo
Note: I didn’t take this photo with the same exposure so the lighting turned out different… this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since the final product will have a background with a slightly different tint than the setting its in, making it look more like a real desktop wallpaper. Experiment with the exposure and lighting as much as you want.

Step four
Set your background color on your laptop to a high-contrast color, one that will be easy to erase. Take a screen shot.

Step five
Bring all your images into your favorite photo editor, i use photoshop and i recommend it but you still can use any image editor you want/have

Step Six
Cut out the laptop background image, leaving slight feathering of 1 or 2 on to keep it nice and smooth looking

Step Seven
Now simply bring in your other photograph without your laptop, and place it on a new layer below this one.

Step eight
Open up your desktop screen shot. Use the magic wand tool to select all the green (or whatever color you used) in the image. You may have to play with the tolerance and feathering a bit to get rid of all the green remnants. I set my tolerance to 35 and turned on anti-aliasing and it turned out pretty well. Or you may want to just turn off anti-aliasing on screen fonts and icons, that way you don’t have to mess with the tolerance. Of course I didn’t think of that until just now (after I took all my screen shots) so mine may not look as good as yours.

Step Nine
Finally, bring in your transparent desktop image into the composite of your other images. Place this new layer in between the other two, so it lies in front of the background but behind the monitor… wouldn’t want the taskbar jumping out of the frames of your screen! Just use the distort tool to position the corners of screen into place.
Final Step
Go to your Menu and Save your Work , seems obvious right ? but many forget to do it, So that is your Transparent Laptop, a cool image to Trick your Friends and Family !

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