Ho to repair Your Windows after a failed System restore


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Sometimes we Do a systeme restore after a wrong Driver update that didn’t go well or to Uninstall a software that you just got into your Windows. In some cases the restore will go Bad because of power cut or Hardware problem or anything that can make your PC shutdown.

How to repair your PC after a failed system restore :

1 – You can use this method to restore your windows only if you have a good restore point (you made or automatically made by windows), because you may lose some pf your other Changes you. Try this To restore your files

2 – first you need To shutdown your PC and make sure it is Complitely Down!, Restart, insert Your Windows 7 CD and Restart again !

3 – Boot into your CD , When the Windows 7 Logo opens and you see the Install now Button , try to look at the low left worner of the Screen and Click on Repair Your Computer


4 – The Repair Screen will popup , so you have to click on Systeme restore

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5 – Now Do your System Restore as usual

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