How to diagnostic your Pc and repair it by Yourself


hi again !

sometimes you’r PC starts to run low or automatically restarting, especially When you are running Windows, And you will get a little bit confused about it and might Cost you a lot of money to restore it back to it’s original status.
So here is some Tips To help you Find out what is the problem in your PC and in most cases Fix it ! All by yourself.

First of all, what you need to know is that all of the information are not 100% true (just 99% :p) but you can upgrade it on your own.
Second thing is a little bit about you , You need to Put your Fear behind you and Don’t fear Your PC it doesn’t hurt, and it will not go broken or anything.

So lets Start your repairs;

First thing you need to precise what is your Computer’s problem ?

The Blue Screen


The blue Screen is Windows major error message that results in restarting your Computer after a small amount of time , Check Why are you having the Windows Blue screen ?.
You are not to Worry about the blue screen popping up 1 time or even 2 times because many problems are to happen When you are using your PC in some bad way or surfing down some insecure websites or even if a video Game or a software is using a lot of resources, But you should Keep track of what you were doing when it happens because you should stop using that soft or game and trying to setup new proprieties or settings and that will just do it.

If not you should try To Work with only 1 software or game opened at a time , try closing all your browsers and other running tasks.

The auto-shutdown

This kind of problem is very common among laptops especially Dell and HP , it is mainly related to your OS controlling your PC’s Hardware, how ?
Simple, The auto-shutdown is caused by the Overheat of your Machine , and precisely your Processor or your External GPU. When using Windows you can Change the Maximum temperature for your Pc to auto-shutdown if your CPU reach it, but you are doing at your risk , because over heating CPU will damage it and maybe make it not usable again, so i recommend you don’t go for changing that max temp. But you still can fix this if it does keep shutting down over and over; for laptops it is not really a big problem if your fan is working well , you only need to let your laptop rest for a while and then go back using it again , just don’t put it on cloth or your bed since it will make it heat a lot, For more try Your Laptop is getting “HOT” ? Try a cooling pad !
For desktop PC users , if your PC does the auto-shutdown thing many times a day that means that your CPU or GPU is getting Over heated. For GPU you have to Check if your GPU fan is working( if it has one ), and by working i mean efficiently and without loud noise, else you will need to clean it out of Dust.

For CPU case you should Check your CPU fan, the one that is attached to motherboard if it is working, if not , well you should change that, else you should remove the Fan and check the the thermally conductive paste if it is still there. This Paste is Crucial to the Cooling System so you need to change it yourself or get some to do it for you

Thank you For reading , and remember not to fear 🙂 . In fact this is the first part of How to Repair your PC, keep up to Find the Second Part !

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