Games you Should Try on your Low performance Android Device


hi again !

Here are some amazing games that will actually make you laugh and have fun with little Resources.

1 – Platforms Unlimited


It is a very funny game especially for PLatform game lovers, like Brick Breaker. But it is still very stylish and innovative in terms of Controls and the open 2D world. Controls are based on one button where you can Change the intensity of your Jumps by holding the button, it is called the one-touch platforming. A highscore board which you can Share and compete with on Social networks.

2 – Bike Race


as you can see this game is a very simple One , and it looks like the Old Online Flash games, but The Reason why i picked it is that it’s simplicity made it the Best, tracks are just Line based so all you need to do is focus on how to move on your Track more than the Track itself . The game Has many different Bikes to try on your Track from girl Bike to Superhero, a 2 Button based Platforming , one to accelerate and one to Break, Have fun.


You can get this Game from Google app store, it is a free game but some features are are not.

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3 – Final Fantasy

We all know the Final fantasy Serie, a very entertaining serie Old RPG games that started on the First Game consoles lik NES and Started to Get to the rest Of the Devices, including Android devices.


SquareEnix has Launched many versions of Final fantasy , but this one is quite New as it were shown on January 2014 and it is available in many laungages as for English.

The game Has the Original Final fantasy Style, 4 Heroes of light that must lighten the 4 Cristals to get rid of the Evil in the world , a large map with many oddies and a Naval travel way with which you can travel by Sea, Weapons and armor to swap and Collect, a fantastic Journey into a mystical land.


You can get Final fantasy For android From google App store for 7.9$, a fair price for this Fantastic Game.
Many other Releases of the Game are being published , Check them from here. Thank you for Tuning in, and Keep up with more Games coming soon.

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