32 bit and 64 bit Explained


hi again !

We do hear often about an intel processor with 64 bit core and an other 32 bit core , What is it ? will this software work on my system ?
If you’ve asked these questions then this tutorial should help you to understand the concepts of 32-bit and 64-bit computing.

64 bit VS 32 bit !

the more Bit you have the more Data you can proceed, That means you can Use more Data in your Physical memory, and address to much more specific locations ==> much precise and much more accurate !

Since Windows 95 , which was introduced with Compatibility of 32 bit Applications , these applications Require up to 4GB of physical memory and they can run perfectly with that, But recent applications will require more physical memory such As some new games or huge editors and new software So we have to use The 64 bit System .

64 bit Hardware

There is something you really need to know it that not all Machines can function with 64 bit system, It needs a 64 bit Processor (CPU) and only a 64 bit CPU , the 32 bit CPU can not support the 64 bit System or it’s applications

64 and 32 bit Combinations

Many will surely ask if i can run 64/32 bit applications on my 64/32 OS or if my 32 bit CPU will run 64 bit applications ?

one thing is certain is that these combinations will not all work but some will, In fact since 64 bit CPU can run up to 16 GB of physical Memory (RAM) so it is highly superior to 32 bit CPU that means it can run 32 bit Applications and OS as well as 64 bit apps and OS .

So here is a small table that will Help you understand

CPU 32 64 32 64
RAM 4 16 4 16
OS 32 32 64 64
APP 64 32/64 64 64

Ps: if the Os can’t work on CPU , the app can not work on that same OS

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