The World Web Browser OverView


hi again !

like Mozilla and Chrome The world Web is Fast , secure And very powerfull web browser Created by Pheonix Studios.

The Latest Version of it is the 3.3 and it has many tweaks concerning the overall Speed and especially the Launching Speed, Know better about it here. You can download The World Web Browser 3 From the main Site Or directly from here

The main interface is very easy to use , you still can improve it wth skins that you can find in the main site, and it has many skins for you to try. It has also the Multithreads frame thta prevents the websites from freezing and a built in intelegent ADD blocker a very powerful one !

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An other version is also available for download
You can have this version if you can read chinese by chosing the Chinese laungage it is called the World 6.
In fact this version suports the multithreads also and is similar to Google Chrome browser in many ways( we still can say it is a copy of the actual chrome and has Chromium as a name), but it still hass the build in add blocker and all the features you may want from Chrome browser

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