Samsung Gear Fit


Hi again !

As you know Samsung is the first and most dominant in the Smart Gears domain, it all Started with the idea of expanding its technology and pushing ti very deep into our daily life. And since watches are the most practical thing that we had on our life since the Start Samsung Created some sort of Hand Gear similar to a watch but has more functions that makes it more like a Galaxy Smartphone more than a watch. Then The Koreans exploited their first version weaknesses to create Samsung Gear 2 Last Year !

But the good news is that now! Samsung Proposes a new Hand Gear and named it Samsung Gear Fit. At First this Device came as an answer to the critics about the Screen Size of the previous devices , so the first thing you will remark is the brand new attractive design.



This fantastic New design also comes with the possibility to separate the main unit from the straps, furthermore the Gear fit is reinforced with IP67 Standard making it protected vs water and Dust, so don’t really be afraid from leaving it on your desk 🙂
The Gear fit is equipped with the AMOLED curved display; the super display screen showing sweet colors and Sharp Texts. The screen is set by Default to the horizontal but you should thank Samsung for the option to change it to Vertical screen from the first setup !

What will differ between the Gear fir and the Samsung Gear 2 is that the Fit doesn’t control your calls completely but it can send preset texts and cut calls. On general the Gear Fit is able to manage the overall of your smart phone , it can manage your Music player and your stop watch and timer . A New and most interesting feature is the Heart rate sensor meter and Sleep tracker : the heart rate meter measure s your heart beat rate and the sleep tracker will monitor the quality of your sleep

For autonomy the Gear Fit have a good battery that can run up to 3 Days but it will only be compatible with limited Samsung devices get more Info from Samsung website

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