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You may have some problems with your PC going slowly or not responding fast to your Commands, this maybe a direct result of Old drivers or Disks fragmentation or even random errors that slows your PC down!

ASC 7 is a free tool ( a payed version exist ) for solving all of your PC problems. It contains a lot of tools designed to clear your PC junk , remove malware / spywares and Speed up your PC, it can also update your Drivers automatically. All of these features are done automatically With one Click.

You can download this software

and follow our tutorial about it showing you how you can also protect your Android phone using ACS 7

main The Main Interface is divided in 4 main panels : Care, tool Box, Turbo boost, Action center .

As a first time user what i recommend is that you just hit the Select all button and then Click On Scan. While in Scan you will notice that you have two options one is Automatically Repair and Shutdown PC. I recommend that you don’t tick those 2 buttons Since automatically repair will just repair the current Section and Shutdown Pc will shutdown your PC after the Scan of the current section is finished, otherwise your Scan will Still run. Try to close any other high RAM and CPU consummation Software or Games so that the scan run easily.

After the Scan has completed You should be able to see The items you actually ran for Test on the left with The number of errors in from of them, Clicking on one of them will show you The performance meter showing if this scanned item is working good or not and you will have the Repair button on the bottom of the window. clicking the Repair button will just repair the current selected item, SO you need to click on Summary and then you will see the global performance statue of your PC now when clicking the repair button you can Fix all the problems found in all the items.

What i recommend here is to always try this Global Scan at least 1 time a week, to insure that your PC is totally Protected and working without Any malfunctions.

The second panel looks like this
2nd main

What you will Directly notice is that the number of tools is considerably huge and the Pro notice in from of some of the. That PRO notice means that you need to activate a paid licence to use that tool.

what we will introduce now is the Iobit uninstaller basically looks like this :

When you open this Iobit uninstaller you will directly notice that it is an independent window and it will list all the installed programs on your computer so that you will choose what to uninstall. The batch Uninstall button serves to Help you select many installed software to uninstall together, but windows still prompts every time the check message saying whether you want to uninstall the selected program or not.
Your installed Software are organised by their use rate and the time you installed these software. A proper panel is for uninstalling toolbar and plugins installed on your Browsers.

the Third thing i recommend in this all in one software is the Driver Booster. The driver booster Checks all the info about Your drivers and notify you if any of them is obsolete.
driver booster
When the Scan is complete you can click the Update all button and wait for the download to finish .

An android application retaled TO ASC 7 and it does all the work for you like the desktop version that you can

Download from here

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