NSA and GCHQ use Google’s cookies to identify their Targets


hi again !

As we know Google’s cookies are primarily designed for interest-based ad-targeting and we practically use them
everyday and we benefit from them since years ago. But apparently Governments and especially the mighty ones like US and Britain used these cookies to ” Spy ” On people and keeping an eye on their movements around the web . They use these information to identify their targets and Pinpoint them .

Xatrix.org says that these cookies provide browsing history and maybe ip Address, or sites visited via the Google search engine if these sites use any kind of Google cookies like
Google analytic or adsense.

” While these cookies do not hold any actual, personal data but only a unique ID number, we can all witness that Google and other ad networks can match it on-the-fly. It is unknown whether Google received requests to share cookie data with any of these agencies.”

This interference has drawn Google to the court demanding for the ability to disclose general information about these requests but with no effect !

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