Makes piano Easy and Fun


hi again !

Out of nowhere i was just found this awsome website called , at first i though it was some of deep stuff that i am not interrested in but then i Found out that it is an interresting website, sinc it makes me play the piano !

This is the Main interface , but at start it will ask you to input a Name to be used in chat rooms after , so type ay name you want . The default name is username


as you can see there is the Chat room , empty … , and there is also a big graph full of small boxes with a code for each one of them. This graph is full of piano’s notes , you will hear a piano sound when cicking on every box And there it is, funny right?. For more try to hold The SHIFT key and pass your cursor on the Boxes , and it will play all the sounds you pased on with your cursor.

the panel above is a seting panel that you canuse to set up balance and Volume as well as trying new Instruments like Drums or Strings, you can also see who is online besides you , Happy Playing !

Check it out Here

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