Meet The Revolutionary xPC


Hi again !

In the last Couple of Years we achieved a great level of simplicity of using computers , turning them into a small carriable devices called Smartphones. Smartphones are very similar to Computers not only in some basic actions thta they share with computer but also in The Hardware composition.

The modern revolution has come with more and more devices going smaller and much more efficient, In fact ICE , A very Innovating company has started the Production of it’s new device ; The xPC.

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The xPC is a Standalone Module that can be used anywhere with any docks , a similar to some android Pads and other Devices . However it is not like an android device since it doesn’t have any screen or buttons so it is pretty useless by itself, how can we use then ?

the xPC is a module that can run a Copy on windows Operating system on it’s own, Basically like a normal and equipped motherboard. It holds a good Intel Atome or I5 CPU (still not specified) and up to 4GB of Ram and 32-128 GB of SSD memory, a camera, an accelerometer, a gyro sensor and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity; like a very new android phone !

The Docks that fits with the xPC are the a tablet dock, a mini-HTPC dock and a mini-desktop dock, the last two come with speakers USB3 and a HDMI port but only the Desktop is equipped with a HDD bay !


This following video is The Official video about the xPC, they seem really despreate about this project, don’t know why but here it is anyway ; The xPC

The xPC official Price is a 259$ , it is a little bit high but since it is a promissing project th Price will in fact go down, so better wait for it, but it still your call

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