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hi again !

Sometimes you may need to use your E mail address in many occations but you don’t want it to be exposed to users so you will have to make a new email adress, which is sometimes annoying and long for just some messages.

So why not try a Email generator, this service exists and it does generate fake email addresses for you to use anywhere, and as long you need to. This service is A free one that generates Disposable Emails
to use for fast registration services that you will not really use a second time, like forums that require to be logged in to read or any random service you want to try!

These emails are DISPOSAL so when you quit the email screen you WIll NOT BE ABLE to get messages again from your email and a new email will be generated automatically for you next time you visit, This service is so easy to use just enter the site and copy the fake Email and paste it anywhere you want!!

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See for yourself !

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