how to free space from your Pc with WinDirStat


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Sometimes you get your Pc so much loaded with files that you don’t need or you already finished using them like old versions of some software, video files that you watched and no more useful, basically all media files you want to erase.

In this case you hard Drive is Over loaded and you want to see what folders are taking a Huge space of your HDD, you may use this measure to free as much space as you can before the big clean up because you might need more time to arrange your files before.

So what i came with is this small free software that will classify your local Drive folders by their Volume.

First you will Have to download This small Software Named WinDirStats 

After running the software It will ask you to choose 1 Local Drive from your current local drive, After that you will have to wait until The scan is over, This scan will just calculate the space each file takes and show it to you. It may take some time before  it finish depending on your Hard drive capacity and already take space.

this is the main interface after the scan is finished

main interface

here i have focused on the directories more than the map so that you see all the percentages of the biggest folders from the total local Drive capacity eg : the program files folder holds 62.6% of the total C: Local Drive capacity. on the right panel we have the Extension classification, Here every dominant extension gets a unique color to separate it from the others on the Graphical Map.

What i advise here is to check your folders especially those who have the highest percentages . the Windows folder is not really a good place to look for optimization since it is the Windows folder.


there is a similar soft that does basically the same work called : KDirStat that You can Download easily from the Main website

Thank you for reading and For more helpful optimization try: How to optimize your PC I / How To optimize your PC II

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