5 Best Websites To Learn PHP With


hi again !

in These days it is much easier to get a high paying jobs , especially when you are skilled in using computers , fo rthat you need to learn things that you may not be able to learn at School or home education , But you can learn on the internet.

Lets try to learn PHP, for that you should try one of these websites that give some free tutorials and many great opportunities to learn !

for start try these :


At w3Schools, you can learn the basics of PHP. For the newbies who don’t the basics of PHP this website is very well suited to start from the scratch. Once you have mastered the basics, you can then go onto the advance stuff such as includes, file uploads, cookies, sessions, and how to send secure emails.w3schools tutorials are very simple and easy to understand.


PHP.net is an official Website to learn PHP online. This site has everything to know about PHP. If you know the basics of PHP then this website is more than enough to proceed.Here you can learn everything about PHP and whenever you make mind to create website using PHP, all you need to do is start tutorial and get busy with your designing work.This is a must-visit website for PHP advanced learners.


It’s another cool website for future of PHP programmers which is specially designed to help you start learning PHP programming with ease and simplicity. PHPBuddy contains articles and tutorials on how to do basic PHP tasks such as how to work with Sessions, Cookies, encrypting and protecting your PHP code, so it is worth checking out.


About.com can also teach you everything about PHP/MySQL as they have whole section learning PHP and MySQL. You can find here everything which is important to learn PHP. This website is completely being written by experienced developers so the content quality provided here is too good. About.com helps you to learn about the PHP functions, loops, how to use PHP and HTML together, how to use time and calendars, create forms, use redirection, countdowns and simple math functions.The MySQL section provides you with everything you need to know on using a database with PHP.About.com also has free scripts and tutorials on how to send emails, creating a simple address book, calendars, login scripts and creating polls.


Tizag tutorials are also simple and easy to understand for the PHP Learners. Tizag contains everything you need to know about programming in PHP. It provides basic tutorials on how to print data to the screen using variables, how to use loops and if/else statements, how to use POST and GET commands, how to use strings, sessions and cookies. Tizag covers all basic functionality to learn PHP online. So have a look at it to explore more about Tizag.Com.

As for my personal opinion i will start with W3 Schools since it is really easy and simple to start with and then start to optimize your PHP coding with Tizag or PHP.about, Happy Coding !

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