4 Best antivirus you may want to get


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You may have Wondered about What antivirus you should get working on you Pc ? and you didn’t find a real difference
between them , So let us show you these 4 Best ones on the market today !

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Avast has proven once more that it is the best and most used antivirus for Windows right now, it has an Easy access interface with tabs on the left. Avast antiviruse has an on-air Scanner that scans all of your visited web pages and downloaded files and notifys you about the possible threats . An other interresting feature is the low resources consuming process that doesn’t overload your Pc or take alot of your physical memory, also it can set to only start the Scan if your PC is idle for some amount of time it is called the Screensaver Scan .

Overall Avast is not the Perfect Antivirus to use if you tend to completely Clean all of your system but it Still the best for low performance PCs and a great tool to use everyday .

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Avira has also proven it is worth to install since it has a full working free edition with no need for buying the premium licence . It does offer the Basic scanning process where you scan all your Hard drive or some exact locations or folder , what makes it special is the Free malware scanning feature that comes with Avira with protects you from malwares, spyware and even some threats that shows up on social networks like Facebook and Twitter
You can buy the premium licence from Avira and get more features but it is still optional ; In fact i recommend Avira because it is quite and consumes less resources than most antivirus !

Bit Deffender Antivirus

bit deffender

Bit deffender Antivirus grants you the one click protection to help those who don’t need to get their hands dirty with the special configuration and a fully customable configuration for advanced users.
It’s minimal interface offers you a great simplicity for users and a minimal resources consuming. The internet Security pack is a premium pack that comes with firewall configuration and parental control.
Bit Deffender is a cross platform so it is available to many operating systems

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Kaspersky Antivirus


Kaspersky has always been the most efficient Producer of antivirus , it’s produts are very known and very useful comparing to other companies products. Kaspersky antivirus is a big antivirus that offers all what you need today to protect yourself and more : Folder virus Scan , system check , firewall, anti phishing and even protection from fails and errors from your already installed software . Kaspersky antivirus offers regular updates that keep your Database updated regularly to all the new malwares, Kaspersky promises that these updates will keep your system from being infected by preventing 99% of worms and malware from getting to your system. Kaspersky users’ impressions are controversial ; many say that they are satisfied by Kasperski Antivirus while others will oppose that. I don’t recommend Kaspersky for any low performance PC but if you need real protection from web threats you may consider getting it !

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