Your Laptop is getting “HOT” ? Try a cooling pad !


Hi again his is Chan From 4teq !

Today i am here to help you solve an irritating problem about the laptops heat ! As known after a period of Use the laptop performance get lower especially for the Non Gamer ones and your Laptop’s Fan will start working a lot and even making an unbearable noise that is even heard through Skype 🙂 .

So for this problem We can use A cooling Pad . A cooling pad is a normal pad that have 1 or more cooling fans
it can also come with some colored led light . cooling fans are different in terms of size and speed : you may find
a pad with 3 cooling fans or even 1 Cooling fan but the size will not be same as the pad with 1 fan will be bigger and have some sort of air Distribution system that will cool all parts of your laptop .


I also recommend that you buy a compatible cooling Pad to your Laptop because they are not all same size
so if you have an ordinary laptop ( numpad ) or a small notebook ( without numpad ) you need to choose your size wisely.

Cooling pads can come with an USB input or an external power input . they also come with a USB hub that you can use to supply other devices with power : They do not take in charge the data transfer

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