Windows running Slow ? try windows ready boost !


pc running slow

hi again !

many of you have surely heard of boosting your RAM with USB drives or SD cards , and many believed it , but let me tell you something this is impossible to do , You can not boost your RAM with your USB drive or your SD card .
simply because RAM is the physical memory that is related to the hardware component and USB drives can not replace that, but USB drives can help faster your windows . how ? continue reading!

With USB drives we can improve The Cache memory of your PC , Cache memory is basically a memory deposit that is used by the CPU to store the instruction that are repeatedly needed to run applications and load files , what makes this cache memory special is that it is directly connected to the CPU so that it doesn’t need to pass by the motherboard BUS system so it is simply the closest memory to the CPU and the fastest one !

Our goal here is to give the CPU much more cache to store much more information so that it is loaded faster .
so basically we are converting the USB drive mass storage to a usable cache memory !

here is the main readyboost interface it is a small interface in the propriety panel for your USB drive

you can choose the memory you want to assign as a cache memory , try always to choose 3 times more than your actual usable RAM (usable RAM may differ from the actual RAM in 32 bit windows ) it means if you have 1 GB as memory take 3 GB as cache from your USB as cache memory

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