Why You need to change your old Windows XP to a newer OS


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You have certainly heard about Microsoft cutting support for windows XP SP3 , but everyone using windows XP can still have security support but with higher price : many companies still not shifted to windows vista or 7 .

Many Have already asked why should we change our Window XP version to 7 or vista and they are totally right , yet still many rumors say that some attackers have discovered some key vulnerabilities that would take down windows Xp totally and that will be disastrous to both companies running windows XP on their machines and Microsoft .

More users say that official windows patches are not actually defending windows XP from attackers simply because no one is currently installing them .

Microsoft officially reported that Windows XP SP3 is going down in many terms especially the security one as shown the Graph below that windows XP infection rate is higher than Windows 7 vista and much more higher than the infection rate of windows 8 ; the infection rate is doubled on windows XP comparing to windows 7 and vista .


according to Microsoft this data was recorded since the official support cut from XP SP2 in 2010 via it’s support system without any interference with any other antivirus or anti malware .

Of course if you want to keep Your old XP SP3 it is necessarily to keep up with all the drivers from your Hardware companies and use 2 ways firewall !

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