Why are you having the Windows Blue screen ?


hi again !

it is a big problem for computer users and those who are using windows specifically that their computer stops without any reason loosing all their work or any kind of saves but thanks to the auto draft save on the software we can really get out of the data loss , yet still the blue screen is a crucial hint for solving a bigger problem !

In fact the blue screen is an automated process included in all windows versions , this process is based on dumping all the physical Memory and then resetting your Machine : cleans the RAM and restarts windows ! it generally starts automatically after receiving an error that is capable of damaging your Hardware configuration .

this error that provoked the blue screen comes in most cases from a hardware malfunction that is found as an error by windows : eg. windows has found an error concerning your Physical memory that prevented it from continuing its work so it starts the blue screen as a counter to this memory problem . in some cases the blue screen is not always true about errors that can damage your Hardware , sometimes it is just a passing by error .

when having a blue screen most people will panic and might make some wrong moves that will cost them a lot of money while it is so simple to handle the blue screen error you have just to copy the code error from the last line and paste it on Google search bar or start a new topic about it in Microsoft support : eg . the code above is and an error about physical memory !

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