Track your PC usage with Whatpulse


Hi again !

tracking your PC usage is very quite important for you to optimize your Work time and manage your power usage.
Mouse and keyboard usage is also tracked , and you may want to know how much you clicked on your mouse or how much
keys have you pressed !!

Whatpulse can help you keep track of how much hours you have worked on your PC or even what keyborad keys have pressed the most ! Whatpulse has 2 versions : a free version and a premium version !

the free version is limited to keyboard mouse and global application usage track , the premium version has many other features : bandwidth tracking per application and other features which the free version does not come with ! whatpulse supports offline mode too !!

To use whatpulse you have To login to your whatpulse account that you can create easily or you can login with your facebook account .

the interface just consist of taps that you can navigate easily from one to other , you can change the input method from the same input tabs previewing the keyboard heatmap and the mouse clicks heatmap



The network tap displays information about the bandwidth usage on the system. it shows the ip address , download and upload traffic !

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