How to run multiple OS On the same computer !


Hi again !

Here i am presenting a Great way of running multiple operating systems on your computer . you may ask me what can i do with 2 or 3 windows running together in the same time ? you can Use it to try different Os like Working with Windows on the Main Window and the other one is running on Ubuntu for example .

This feature uses Microsoft Virtual PC That you can Download For Free from Microsoft official website or directly from here . in this post i am using the 2007 Version of it (much easier and i am using it since 2007)

The main software window is a little bit small but easy to handle :

Microsoft VPC

1 you need to prepare your Operating system that you are going to install on your virtual PC , it can be on a CD or On an ISO file like the downloadable Ubuntu OS

2 you need to Create a new virtual Pc

3 in on of the stages the wizard will ask you to put an existent virtual Hard drive you should choose to create a new one and . Creating a new Virtual HDD is simple but remember To give it at least 5 GB of free space so that the OS works fine or you can just adjust it to unlimited space .

A detailed Method Via the video below : Watch it carefully !

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