How to open your android device from your computer and control it


Have you ever wanted to play your games or use your applications from your own device in your computer

sometime it is easier for us to use computer instead of our devices well for that there are 2 solution

The first one is to create an android emulator in your computer and i already explain that in many tutorial like: How to run android apps on pc

and for the second one is to use your own device if you have one 

well what you need is an android device :p , an usb cable and this software :  mymobiler

download the zip file from the site above and extract all the files in one folder


now in that folder you will find Mobile.apk install this application in your device and open it , also after you relate your usb cable to your device open MyMobiler.exe

now all you have to do is open mobiler and enjoy 😀


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