How to manage You WiFi Network


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Wifi network managements is really crucial when it comes to your private network so what you need is a software that will help you know who is actually using your Wifi connection and ban the one that you want and leave the others . this feature is also accessible via your Router configuration

actually i am recommending this free software named Who is on my Wifi ! Who is on my WIfi is a small and efficient software that can identify all devices connected to the same network and give you all the information about those devices including Local Ip address and NIC manufacturer .

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This software makes a first scan that will identify all connected devices and let you mark those found as known devices so that after a considered amount of time when you retest your network it will notify you about the new unknown devices so make a careful pick to your known devices . The software also provides a timed testing following a precise timeline that you can change as you like .

banning a specific person from your WiFi network is an issue of MAC address . MAC address is a specific address for every Wireless card that specify a Pc from an other on the same network when knowing the Exact address of that person you can add it to your router Mac filter .

BTW: Please note that it requires the Microsoft .Net Framework. It is not clear which version though. A similar program without that requirement is Wireless Network Watcher by Nirsoft.

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