how to know if your motherboard is working or not


hi again !

you may encounter many problems with your PC not booting or not booting in the right time , maybe auto shutdown or auto restart , these problems comes with many software errors or sometimes a Hardware problem .

Hardware problems are a little bit easier to diagnostic that the software problems since you have to check every installed software . Hardware problems are are easier to find if you know the basic parts of a Computer . whether it was a laptop or a desktop one it is basically the same .

the motherboard is the basic component of a computer that connects all the other parts together to make your computer work so to figure out if your motherboard is working or not you should proceed like this :

1- turn off the power and then power on your PC , of course nothing will work but you have just emptied your computer parts of electricity .

2- you have to remove all memory cards from their slots and put them away !

3- now re plug your PC and turn the power on ! : now you should hear continuous beep sounds if so your motherboard is working fine if not you should replace it or Buy a new computer !

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