how to know everything about your phone with one click !!


Hi again !

today i am giving you a fantastic way of finding about everything concerning your mobile phone . as known every mobile phone has its own characteristics ( OS , RAM CPU ,…) and you may find yourself incapable of known what characteristics does your phone have or if you want to buy a already used phone , this method is the best one to know everything about your cell !

this method is based on the IMEI of every cell phone . This IMEI is some kind of a serial number that characterizes
every device .

  • how can you get your IMEI ?
  • your Device IMEI is located on your own device it is generally placed on the back of the phone under the battery , some phone producers will print the IEMI like this eg IEMI : 000000000000000 (0 replace the digits of your IEMI )
    or they may just write S/N : 000000000000000 or without nothing telling about it like my G502 in here :

    but don’t panice it is the only number with 15 digits so that will help you find it !

    also android and iOS operating systems supports an intern IEMI location that you can easily find from the About menu in android and the iOS

  • how can i Verify my IMEI?
  • you can verify your IMEI via many sites including governments Sites or individual sites like the one i am using right now wich is which does give you all the information about your device from general parameters to 3D view of your device this is a view of my G502 :

    IMEI verification can also show if your Phone is real or a copied one !

    that is it thank your for reading and don’t forget to LIKE u son Facebook !

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