How To know about the total hour Count Your HDD Have ran


You may Ask yourself how much time have you spent on your Pc from the first you day you opened it until the present , Or you May need to Know how many hours your hard disk worked , Personally My TOSHIBA 640 Gb (an old one ) worked for 7025 Hour until now and that is the equivalent of 290 days . Follow this Post to know how You can get those infos and more !

While googling this matter i looked up on “Crystal Disk Info” . This software Displays basically all the information about your Drive whether it’s a hard drive or a USB drive

this is the Software on my Pc and that is my hard drive i already talked about
backup link :

As you can see the software is so easy To handle especially when you have cute pictures to change on theme menu
is Does show you the Time your hard disk has worked:7030 in my case , also how many times you turned it on 2306 for my case

It also displays the Drive temperature and assigns a health statue for that in general the HDD temperature is between 20 C and 50 C but if HDD temperature is higher it is very crucial that you check on it !

that is it The rest is easy as it is labeled in the software ,for any questions Post your comments below and thanks For visiting . For more try our related Posts !

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