How To Get your PC To work on full Performance part I


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many Personal computer users are Bound to the problem of their computers performance , either it is very low or not working on full Performance . So i am going to Present A helpful Method of Getting your PC to work with the least amount of Errors !

Windows Errors (for most cases) are originated from the registry which includes all Variables and Stored Directories that your PC needs to Run Applications , it also stores many Hardware Keys that are not in our interest in this part.

Our interest here is how to get rid of these errors . Some of these errors may result from an unfinished Install
or uninstall of any software , Or also a Brute /accidentally Shutdown of your PC ( blue screen / power cut /..)
Of course in 99% of these cases Windows will run as usual due to it’s own error resolution system (that is why we get blue screen in the first place) but it doesn’t Do the resolution of other software errors . So basically you will need an other software that cleans your registry for you

In this case i will advise you to try this Free software From Wisecleaner Named Wise registry Cleaner
This is an older version But i really like it because of its simplicity , of course this version is not available anymoer so you have to download the 8.1 version which is really good !

As you can see in here it is saying that i had done a clean up for my registry yesterday . So to do your own cleaning you just have to Press ” SCAN ” Wait until the scan is complete and you will get the number of errors you Have in your registry (in 90% of the cases these errors are real , some are just some so called errors that Software uses to function properly and that is why i recommend to use the latest version )
After completing the Scan Click on Start cleaning it will take some time depending on your Errors count

and that is it you got your registry Cleaned . i recommend you to do this every 4 or 5 days if you are using the downloading a lot of software or you are navigating a lot otherwise 1 time a week is also great . (Scheduler tests are also supported check the Setting panel for more information )

That is it Thank you for Reading and Check our Second part Of how To get your PC to work on full performance in the Meanwhile Check our Related Posts below and comment your questions i you have one !

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