How to Get your PC to run on full Performance Part II


Hello again ! welcome to 4Teq again .

This time i am presenting an other important information about making your PC work on full Performance .
Last Post i talked about registry Cleaning, this time i’m talking about HDD Defrag !

HDD defrag is a powerful Tool to Get your HDD to work faster and Get your information Faster , it is remarkable When accessing different parts from your HDD like C Disc or some folder you may experience some retardation , it happen also when you are copying some files inside your HDD it goes like 350Kb/s while normally it is 24000Kb/s , right ?
That is , in most cases due to the Fragmentation of your Hard drive .

the Fragmentation of your HDD is a consequence of the file deleting and irregular file Movement , it is natural
and normal to have such things but it can really slow your PC .

How can you Defrag Your HDD : simple , Windows already have a proper tool for these cases and it is called disk defragmentation you can find it under Tools Tab on any disk propriety !

The Tool i am recommending is A tool named Smart Defrag 3 From Iobit , it is a Free Tool that does all the work for you with just a click and it is faster than windows tool , You can get it From the Official site ( link really hard to find in the ads 😀 ) or directly from here

That is it thank you for reading , stay tune for our new hardware care guide coming soon . Meanwhile try the related posts !

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