How to customize your Desktop with best Widgets ever !


Hi again !

Of course After Microsoft stopped working with the Vista Widgets , many options that you used to Work with directly from your desktop went missing , or you may want to make much more cute Widgets then it is easy to do it with many desktop customization software that can bring your desktop to life .

the software i am recommending is called Rainmeter ; You may have heard about it before .

Rainmeter is a free program that you can download for Free from the official website . By using rainmeter you can customize your Desktop to Changing it completely like the screenshot from my scrren :

as you can see i have the calender that actually changes the upper photo every time to an other photo , this is also available in rainmeter .An other important thing is that rainmeter has it’s own language and it supports Ini Files containing all the data of the Skin (the actual name of all the widgets : a skin can contain many widgets)

The language is very easy If you want to learn it , but i advise you Start with editing some existent Skins
and download some simple ones .


it is the main interface used by rainmeter and it’s the last beta version , i recommend downloading it because some skins i am going to post later won’t work on previous versions . as you can see i have a lot of skins shown in the left panel so don’t be afraid of having a lot of skins 🙂 .

1 Skin panel : the skin panel contains all the skins listed in the skin directory that you find ,in most cases, in Users Documents . you can manage your skins from here like showing them on your desktop or not

2 Skins : skins are a small ini files that will operate all the Media placed in the same directory , for example if i want my skin to show some image named image.jpg i have to put image.jpg in same place as the ini file of my skin

3 language : the language is very easy similar to Python but a little bit special you can find everything you need in the official site

4 Wher you can find the skins : rainmeter skins are everywhere . Deviantart for example or from our Skins base
(still not working but not for long )

That is it thank you For reading , Check my latest posts for more


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