how to create a Fancy website for Free !


Hi again !

today i am presenting a very interesting website that is actually ranked as the first one of it’s kind !
called ! is is a very simple sit that grants you the possibility to build a very fancy website out of it’s templates .

actually has proven to be the best site over many other competitors that building websites is very simple , it also supports much video tutorials but believe me you won’t need them if you are familiar with some presenter software (office powerpoint , autoplay , digitalworkshop Opus creator , … ) presents you a very easy graphical Html editor that you can get used to it very easily and here is a full Tutorial about how to start with creating your website !

1 : first create an account from Here : from the main page hit sign in and click on i am new a user .

2 : second get to your account and click on my sites from the top menu . normally you will have no websites to edit so click on ” create a new site ”

3 : now you will get a page that looks like this :

this is the templates page that you can choose from to be the main template of your website . You can browse templates on the left by New ones and most popular or go for categories .

4 : If you have chosen your base Template the click on Edit under your template image or view to preview it before. the it will load your HTML editor (may take sometime depending on your PC )
it will be like this :

as you can see the top bar contains many buttons :
– the wix logo
– the desktop / mobile version : this will grant you an editor for the mobile version of your site and a ordinary desktop version
– pages : contains many pages depending on your template ( you can add more pages later )
– quick find bar and copy and paste buttins you can easily use CTRL+c and CTRL+v instead
– preview : will preview your work : some features won’t be previewed like the visit counter
– Save : save your work
– publish : publish your work to public

the panel to the left will be your main work panel it contains :
– pages menu it will edit all of your pages
– design menu it will help edit the global design
– Add menu it will add Html objects like texts , videos , ..
– apps menu it will help you add some fancy apps to your site like feed apps social media buttons (likes , tweets ,..) and many other interesting things
– Settings menu will help you place your site name and make it available on search engines as well as some premium statistics and the favicon !

5 : Now start editing your site : you will of course move some objects from their base location and you will notice the lines that appear those lines determine the edges of every object nearby ,following these lines will help you put objects in a good order and make it easy to line them up , you can disable this feature from the top bar .

that is it thank you for reading and don’t forget to like us on Facebook !

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