how does the Computer cooling system works ?!


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You may have asked yourself about the source of your PC noise and you figure out that is it coming from your PC fans (if you got more than one of course) and you wondered about the role of these fans in your computer.
these fans are place there to cool some parts of your computer , whether it was a desktop one or a laptop these fans are crucial for the machine work and parts Validity so never let your computer without these fans .

you will notice that you have an integrated fan in the power Supply unit and that is actually used for Desktop PCs and it is meant to cool the supply unit . the other fan is normally located over an other Unit called the Heat Sink
and looks like this :

this heat sink has also the same role as the fans but in different way : a Heat sink is a passive Heat exchanging system that is meant to disperse heat while reducing its temperature , into the air , that means it cools down the device below it which is generally a Transistor based component or some diode led lights that can not disperse all its heat by its self !
this is an image of how can the Heat sink and the fan work together and where will this combination goes in the motherboard ( this is just a simple example of the motherboard of an old desktop Acer aspire )

As you can see there is an other Heat sink next to the big fan and that covers the north bridge (an other issue we will talk about it later )

how this combination works is very easy : the fan absorb cool air from outside the CU (central unit) and and pump it to the CPU in our case , and reducing it’s Heat level

the second part here is the Laptop case : how can a laptop gain its heat level decrease by that one fan ?

You can discover that when you open your laptop and check it’s motherboard : this is what will it be like in most cases ( this image is a motherboard of an HP pavilion DV5 ) :

as you can see the fan is missing , but the Heat sink is still there and it serves again to disperse the heat coming from the CPU and The Graphic card . how is that ? : simple ! all the Heat and Cold waves passes via the two metal bars that looks like they are made in Bronze , these metal curved bars can get very very Cold in 1 to 2 minutes when fan is working and that is basically why would the fan look like this :


you can notice the fan size compared to the desktop PC fan size and the curved wings , these curved wings are made so to change the course of the air from “absorbing the air from one side and pumping it to the other side” ,to “absorbing from one side and pumping it to the contour” so that it will warm the metal bars to lower its heat !

this might look so much theoretically but when you focus on the images above and try to enlarge them for more details !

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