Gamer, Internet Marketeer, business Owner, .. ? here is what Laptop should You buy ?


Hi again !

you may have wondered about what would my laptop characteristics be ? you may have asked yourself what laptop do i need for my work or my children or even for gaming ! Today i present to you these tips that can help you choose your reasonable price laptop that will fulfill your objectives !

You need to precise for yourself what would you do with your laptop or what are you going to use your laptop for : working from home , children use , new generation games .. . this choice will determine if you are going to buy a very advanced Laptop or not and determine the general price of your Laptop :

-for gaming as main objective of buying your laptop i recommend you take an i5 intel CPU with 64 bit core and 8Gb of Random access memory (6 Gb of Ram is also good for gaming but not perfect) , the graphic car should be an Nvidia or an ATI graphic card : you can try the GeForce GTX 660M it is very compatible for Gaming .
i7 CPU are very useful if you are willing to pay a lot for money . check all the laptops that comes with Geforce GTX 660M from here or check all the available Graphic cards available from Nividia from Here

– for basic children use i recommend an i3 CPU 32 bit 4 Gb of RAM since no a lot of work needed . Graphic card here doesn’t need a lot of attention because you will basically have a cheap Intel one that is very good and fulfills all necessities even when playing games you can Try Dell Laptops or HP : reasonable prices and good products .

-for work based on text writing and internet marketing or basically all the office work you may take what ever you like since this type doesn’t require something really expensive but as for my opinion try the small notebooks and maybe tablets . a Mac book is also a good choice but for beginners it is a little bit expensive .

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