Firefox 30 Release Find Out what in there


Hi again !

Firefox 30 is the new release of Mozilla , only available on it’s FTP server , So it is still not available on the main website And on the auto update for the current browser (29) .

Firefox Mozilla 30 has brought Many minor features to the last update 29 in terms of new functions and browser Changing but it is still a better version of it’s previous :

In the new version Many plugins were not automatically enabled by default like for Shockwave flash and google update
which you just need to activate them manually when you access the web

An other thing in here Is that Firefox 30 Now have a complete support For Gstreamer 1.0 , which is a great tool for linux users that they had to Enable manually from about:config command . Now many features like Mp3 and video Playing (Gstreamer has added the ACC format which will be played directly on the web browser ) are Playable Directly via the browser .Firefox is now relying directly on the operating system’s capability of Playing these format

A third thing is it new sidebar :

You can display bookmarks and browsing history in this sidebar . of course you can eitehr click the sidebar and select , or do it with the sortcut Ctrl+D : bookmarks ctrl+H for History

Additional contents, such as social providers or tabs (via third-party add-ons), can be displayed in sidebars in the browser as well.

The new sidebar button is available in the customization menu. You can drag and drop it to another location of the browser for easy access.

When clicked on, it displays the available sidebars so that you can open and close them easily using the button.

That is it , Thank you for reading , Check my last posts below and for any questions Comment below the post !


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