4K resolution ! what is it ?


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Many devices like the new LCD TV are known for their higher resolution that you may encounter in ads on TV channels or on the internet and social media .

these Devices have a 1080 HD resolution and this is based on the 1920 X 1080 where 1920 is the actual number of vertical lines composing the pixels when defusing images via these devices .4K resolution is basically much more vertical lines; eg : if full HD (1080p) has : 2073600 pixels (1080 X 1920) 4K resolution will have 8294400 pixels and
that is so much more HD !
4K resolution

Actually many are now talking about this new generation of Devices that comes with 4K resolution like Samsung UHD new LCD D590 and Sony new “Slim” LCD X9 UHD/4K , especially in the Gaming Domain ; in fat a new generation of games are coming now on the new game consoles Xbox one and PS4 or even PC that can actually use these HD LCDs to more fun and more realistic Gaming !
sony 4K HD LCD samsung UHD 4K resolution

More about gaming : there is already a new AMD GPU on the market that can already run on this UHD (Ultra HD) Resolution but it might cost you some fortune to buy it and the machine that will drive it and the compatible screen that you will plug it in !

You may also ask yourself since it is all HD , why should i buy an UHD LCD instead of an HD one ? in fact the 4K Resolution is way too much better and bigger comparing to HD(720p) and Full HD . 2K HD is also a good resolution but it still designate the same Resolution as the full HD so don’t be fooled by the name to think it is the double resolution 🙂 ! you can see all the differences easily below :

4K comparison

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