Run clash of clans on Ubuntu / Linux / Windows


Hello guys today i was in Google analytics and i found that there are same visitor who came to this site looking for how to Run clash of clans on Ubuntu / Linux.

The Tutorial i made in the past was how to run clash of clans using bluestacks a software compatible only with windows or mac. so today i gonna show you how to run this game on Ubuntu or on any other Linux distribution and it work also for windows.
in this tutorial we will use Genymotion an Android emulator.

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First thing you need to do is to create an account in this software website from here then with your login name and your password download the software from here.

After the download install it by typing this command in ubuntu :

cd /home/pc_name/download

chmod +x genymotion-2.2.2_x86.bin

cd /opt 

sudo /home/pc_name/download/genymotion-2.2.2_x86.bin

Make sure to change what in Gray with your computer name or destination and Genymotion file name if a new version exist.

You also need to Install Virtual Box from Ubuntu software center 

As for windows Install the software like any other program it is not that hard 

Now let’s open genymotion

in Ubuntu by this command : 


let’s set up a new Android device to play COC on it for the first time you open genymotion it will ask you to connect with the login we used before in the official website 

After we choose an Android device i recommend you to choose Galaxy Note – 4.1.1 – API 16

then next next … and we wait until the emulator device get downland

 if it ask you for the SDK you could download it from here and put it in any place you like then put the SDK path in setting

so finally we finished the hard Part 😀 now all what you need to do open the device 

Download :

ARM Translation Installer v1.1 Hosted by FILETRIP(Mirrors)

if you have used a different Android device (Galaxy Note – 4.1.1 – API 16) different than Android 4.1 you have to download Google Apps with the version you have chosen

now drag and drop the 2 files ARM and Gapps in your android device wait untel the device get flashed after that reboot download the clash of clans from Google play or from here :

 drag and drop the Apk file and the game will be installed open it and enjoy Playing

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the game may crush every 5 minute i don’t have a solution for that now but you can Increase the configuration of the device in Virtual Box 

  and you will Reduced the time of crush for me now it crush every 20 -25 minute

if you miss something please watch this video :

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  • Anonymous

    I follow everything and I get “your device is not compatible with this version” :'(

    • don’t forget to install the ARM Translation and Gapps like i said

      • duongdn

        I said that Supercell have released a new version (05/07/2014) and it force us update. “your device is not compatible with this version” happed again 🙁

  • @Anonymous don’t forget to install the ARM Translation and Gapps like i said

  • We can’t the link is dead.

    • Thanks For Your Comment! i have updated the link and i also updated the game versions

  • @Christian Tucker Thanks For Your Comment! i have updated the link and i also updated the game versions

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Where I can download genymotion v2.0.3 ? this tutor work for new version of genymotion ? thanks ..

  • Anonymous

    thx… work so smooth and there is no crush every 5 minute

    • Increase the configuration of the device in Virtual Box

  • Anonymous

    dont put the ” . ” in after “sudo” when installing genymotion. (in Xubuntu)

  • Anonymous

    when I start the game, It tell me an update is valable, and when I cluck on update nothing hapen but the game close, any suggestion ? and thank you for the article.

  • Anon

    It says that Clash of Clans has not been installed successfully, after dragging the game to the phone

    • you have to install ARM Translation Installer :

      • Anon

        Do I just those folders in to the phone?

        • no drag and drop the the whole zip file 😉

      • Anon

        Okay thanks, I installed all of the zip files and dragged the game in. But the phone just goes black screen when it turns horizontally, and closes the game.

        • mm i am not sure but try to do the same with Gapps

          • Anon

            Alright, I’ll try whatever. Thanks

  • arthur

    why do we need the sdk file?

    • i think the new version of genymotion do not need the sdk anymore but in case it ask you for the sdk well you know what to do

  • Someone please tell me

  • Is it free???

  • ANYONE????

  • utpal

    it shows android tolls not found when i put the sdk

  • utpal

    unable to find android tool in this path it shows when i put the android-sdk_r22.6.2-linux.tgz

  • miriondo

    I drag the ARM and the Gapps but nothing happen, just transfer to the phone to /sdcard/Downloads. And now? The game says that Clash of Clans has not been installed successfully

    • ARM is not installed reboot the device

  • utpal


    • hi, sorry i haven’t answer your question i know i’m late i was planing to make a video tutorial but anyway you have to select the sdk folder not the android-sdk_r22.6.2-linux.tgz and as i said in previous reply i think the new version of genymotion do not need the sdk anymore anyway i will make a videé tutorial soon 🙂

      • miriondo

        Thanks, is working now!

      • utpal

        where is the video pls tell me

      • utpal

        when u will make the video tutorial please send me the link….. thanx and r u on clash of clans …. yes??? (which clan)

        • i will send you the link soon i upload the vidéo maybe today or tomorrow + i stop playing for a while i think i got kicked from the clan :v

          • utpal

            haha then join wasted time 2

            its good clan

          • utpal

            it wont work bro…

          • utpal

            thanx for joining my clan……

  • Shahryar

    when i drag the arm translator it said an error occured while deploying a file

      • utpal

        if u will be kiked out then join my clan named: my bharat i will make u co-leader there

  • utpal

    this is the problem and i cant acces internet on genymotion?????

    • You have to install the the Arm translator by drag and drop the zip file : well you can watch this video tutorial i made
      by the way i joined wasted time 2 clan :p

    • omar almughrabi

      me to 😮
      please help

  • if you have errors on drag and drop ARM and gapps. dont use the sdk, just use the default. it works on my side

    • utpal

      thanx girl…… but i hd done this it wont work i think i have to download mirrors

  • max

    bash: /opt/genymotion/genymotion: impossible to run the binary

    • Abhishek Deora

      /opt/genymobile/genymotion/genymotion should work !

  • max

    where is the error?

  • sama

    help please!
    I have watched the video , didn’t help.

  • sama

    when i drag ARM it says
    oops. something went wrong while flashing ARM-Trans… blah

  • Roly

    HI. COC crashes instantly while trying to open. I tried to drag and drop ARM and Gapps but when I do it shows an X, like the drag and drop is not working. But it is enabled in the options. Any suggestions? Thanks so much

  • Paco

    Hi there. 🙂 Since a few days I’ve been trying to do this, but it doesn’t work somehow. I am using Linux Mint 17 (==Ubuntu) on a 32-bit Intel system. I did this:

    1.) Following this tutorial for Galaxy Note / 4.1.1 / API 16 and the video for Galaxy Nexus / 4.2.2 / API 17. Of course I used the 32-but version of Genymotion v2.2.2 because my system is 32-bit.
    2.) Using the Genymotion native ADB Android SDK, and the SDK.
    3.) Using any combination of wether or not using ARM Translations and Google Apps (the latter is needed to restore your game with Google Play so I always install that one but it always does an “oops”).
    4.) Installing COC from the link mentioned on this page or installing it from Play Store.
    5.) Setting base memory to 1845 and enabling “IO APIC” as shown in the screenshot on this page, or not.

    So, I tried any possible hint. My symptoms:

    1.) Dropping the ARM Translations and Google Apps into a running virtual machine usually result in a “oops… something went wrong” message. It sparsely succeeds. If it does, I reboot the virtual device.
    2.) When starting COC, the screen turns around to wide screen, which gives hope, but then it stays black… No “SUP/ERC/ELL” intro screen.

    Any hints?

    • Paco

      Switched from Linux Mint to Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (32-bit). Same problem.

      • Flavio Martins Juliana Castro

        Same thing for me! Any news?

        • Paco

          Yeah. Or… no actually. Couldn’t make it work on Linux using Genymotion. So I went back to Windows 7 and installed BlueStacks. It is easier to use. It might work for you (if you want to do Windows), and I actually got COC running, but with bad graphics, sprites aren’t visible. I am using an 8 year old business PC (elementary onboard graphics card: Intel 915, not supported by Windows 7 (thanks to Intel) so I installed Windows XP drivers. Currently I am installing Genymotion on Windows 7. I’ll let you know my results…

        • Paco

          Genymotion on Windows 7 didn’t work for me. But it might work for you. It says:

          Unable to start the virtual device
          To start virtual devices, make sure that your video card supports OpenGL 2.0 and update the drivers.
          Details: Failed to initialize backend EGL display (error: 4)
          If possible, update your video card drivers.”

          A message like this is what I was expecting using Windows XP drivers on Windows 7. Drivers can’t be updated because Intel has stopped support for Intel 915G onboard graphics for Windows 7. I know they once did, because when Windows 7 was new, Windows Update installed the correct drivers (possibly just XP drivers). A few years later Windows Update forgot all about Intel 915G, thanks to Intel.

          So… my graphics device is the problem. I can’t install a better one because my PC is an SFF (small form factor) which might have an AGP slot but it doesn’t allow full height cards. I once installed a full height PCI card, but I stopped doing it before breaking something. 🙂 Do SFF AGP video cards exist anyway?

          So, technically speaking, an Android device can be held in one hand. But my eight year old PC can’t even do things these devices are able to. Just running Clash of Clans, is it that difficult!?

  • Paco

    I’ve found a workaround to the “oops, something went wrong” messages when dragging+dropping ARM-Translation and Google Apps to an Android virtual system.

    The error comes when a dropped file is automatically flashing to “/system”. To prevent this flash just rename the files’ extension to something the Android device doesn’t recognize before dropping, then the file is just copied to “/sdcard/Download/”. On the Android device, rename them back to the original names, extract the zip-files and copy the files by hand to “/system”.

    In order to extract a zip file I used “Root Explorer”. I didn’t install it using Play Store because Play Store of course isn’t available in advance to installing Google Apps. So you will need to search the net for “Root Explorer v3.1.9.apk” or something like that.

    I hope this helps some of us who can’t get COC to work on their PC. Being able to install ARM-translation and Google Apps correctly, I now expected to finally run Clash of Clans, but unfortunately this isn’t the case.

    • thad

      what to copy? only system folders?

    • Thanks buddy, it really helped!

  • b0gart

    im having an error,

    /opt/genymotion/genymotion: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.15′ not found (required by /opt/genymotion/

    /opt/genymotion/genymotion: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.15′ not found (required by /opt/genymotion/

    /opt/genymotion/genymotion: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.15′ not found (required by /opt/genymotion/

    Any suggestion of what to do?

    • make sure to install the right version of genymotion 64bit if you have ubuntu 64bit , 32bit if you have ubuntu 32bit

  • franko

    where do you go for taping thiscomman in ubuntu?what to you do to have the black thing?

    • look for terminal in ubunu apps

  • dimmas

    im having this error /opt/genymotion/genymotion: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    when ‘/opt/genymotion/genymotion’

    • make sure you have the right version of genymotion 32 bit or 64 bit

  • Luis Henrique

    Hello managed to install the clash and runs on ubuntu but how do I zoom and removes the village zoom, which hotkey I use my version of ubuntu and 14:04 I emulated the Samsung S2 galazy -4.11 api 16 -480 x 800, other than that this note 10 this genymotion

    much faster than the stacks blue I use the window 8 -_- can help me how this problem

    A hug us and thanks for the tutorial

    • sorry for the late reply but you can zoom by the right button 😉

  • thad

    do i have to always open genymotion from the terminal?

    • yes but i think you could try this :

    • yes but i think you could try this :

      • thad

        what to do with the sdk file? i place the address of the file in the setting but it says

        “ADB tool not found at the specified Android SDK location”

        help plsssss

        • re-install genymotion and try to create a new device without adding the sdk path it should work but if you get a problem then you should put the sdk path and let me know what does the sdk folder contains to make sure it’s the right one 🙂

          • thad

            hey, is there any other way to install gapps and arm other than dragging it onto the device? its not installing for me, and i doesnt say that it will falsh it to the device system instead it flashes onto the virtual device only and is only copied to the sdcard/download.

          • thad

            thanks for the shortcut tip btw 🙂

          • thad

            how do you uninstall genymotion?

          • thad

            is there any other way i could contact you faster? i am migrating to ubuntu and i think you know a lot. it would be great if you could teach me 🙂

          • the only way is to drag and drop but you can try what Paco did i saw that you have commented on his comment copy the extracted files by hand to “/system”. to uninstall genymotion just remove the folder in /opt and you are welcome to contact me by email or any other way found in this website 😉

  • Rinsha

    After downloading virtual device, it says ‘unable to create virtual device: Failed to import OVA file’ :/ pls help

    • Delete the Genymotion cached .ova file in ~/.Genymobile/Genymotion/ova and delete the corrupted deployed image in ~/.Genymobile/Genymotion/deployed , then redownloading the image, and reinstalling it. this should fix your problem.

      • Rinsha

        You mean go to settings>misc>clear cache, then re download virtual device?

        • no i mean go to the folder path directly like ~/.Genymobile/Genymotion/ova
          ~ replace your home folder and username folder so the full path is : /home/your_username/Genymobile/Genymotion/ova

          –> use “ctrl +h” to show hidden folder which it is Genymobile

          • Rinsha

            there is nothing in the folder ‘deployed’
            and an ovi file of size abt 154 MB in folder ‘ovi’ and u want me to delete it?
            I cleared the cache and redownloaded before but didn’t work. Same message pops up

          • yes a mean delete the file in folder ‘ovi’ and clear cache again (settings>misc>clear cache) because i think that the Genymotion device image you download is corrupted also make sure you have the last version of VirtualBox (try do download it from the official website not from ubuntu software center)
            it’s better to uninstall everything deleted Genymotion and VirtualBox box and delete completely the ~/.Genymobile folder also the hidden folder of virtual box (i don’t know where it is exactly but if you don’t see it just skip this step) then try to use bleachbit (you will find it in ubuntu software center) to clear system cache… then re-downloaded the latest versions of VirtualBox and Genymotion and installed them in that order then launche Genymotion, connecte to your account, and add a new different device different of the device you added before
            i hope this solve your problem good luck 😉

  • Catalistino

    On the latest version of Genymotion, when i run Clash of Clans, the screen rotates and then the APK crashes. I’ve tried to use the SDK you’ve linked, the one shipped with Genymotion, upgrading java and many other options that did not work at all.

    Have you got any idea why is this happening?

    I’m using “Custom Phone – 4.1.1 – API 16 768×1280” + “adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-20140702” on Ubuntu 14.10.

    • your problem look like you didn’t install the ARM Translation Installer if the device work and you could use android in ubuntu it mean that it is not a problem with the SDK but like i said make sure you have installed the ARM Translation well 😉

      • Catalistino

        ARM Translation has been installed first of installing gapps but i really see no differences with and without.

        Sometimes, while draging down the notification bar, the “display” shows me colorated squares ( like VGA Artifacts ). I’ve been trying to get it workign with FGLRX drivers ( ATI ) or shipped but both present the same problem reason for which i think it’s not about the VGA drivers.

        Talking about ARM Translation, does it changes for each version of android or is ( like i suppose ) always the same?

        Best regards, Happy holidays and thanks for answering that fast. Thumbs up!

        • No there will be no difference when you install the ARM Translation but it is necessary because it will let your device use your graphic card to run the game it will let him use OpenGl or something like i am not sure but installing it is necessary if you reviewe the comments below you will see that the people who have the same problem like you haven’t installed the ARM Translation correctly so make sure you have install ARM Translation correctly (there are no error during the installation) and let genymotion use your external graphic card if you have one and you can also try to change some graphic settings in virtualbox !
          i hope it work for you and happy holiday to you too 🙂

          • Catalistino

            I’ve started thinking about the ATi “fglrx” driver ( I’m using a HD5770 ). I know it has some issue with Linux, may it be? However i’ll try to use the stock driver and let you know.

  • Rinsha

    Downloaded samsung g s4 4.2.2 and when I try to install arm translation as well as gapps, it says failed to flash :/

    • some users had this problem i don’t know why but you can use Paco solution
      –> rename the files’ extension to something the Android device doesn’t
      recognize before dropping, then the file is just copied to
      “/sdcard/Download/”. On the Android device, rename them back to the
      original names, extract the zip-files and copy the files by hand to
      “/system”.In order to extract a zip file use “Root Explorer”.

      • Rinsha

        copied the whole extracted folder to ‘root/system’ but nothing happens, gapps fails to flash too :/

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  • Adnan

    I was getting the error “An error occurred while deploying the file. failed to copy to /sdcard/Download/: Is a directory”. I tried the solution by Paco, but it didn’t work. I created a folder “Download” in the sdcard through the emulator using the default File manager. That worked, and enabled me to install ARM translator. I am running Ubuntu 14.10 64bit and emulated samsung S4 4.3 on Genymotion 2.3.1

    • Georbur

      Can you walk me through how you did that?

  • Adelson

    “Unable to start the virtual device.

    The virtual device got no IP address.

    The VirtualBox DHCP server has not assigned an IP address to the virtual device. To find a solution, please start VirtualBox.”

    help me please 🙁

    • change your network settings in virtualbox 🙂

      • GreenDestroyer

        I am having this problem right now. What network settings do I change? How do I assign an IP address to the virtual device?

  • Patrick Meier

    I have installed it now. Done everything u said but Play Store says that my device isnt compatible for clash of clans. Tried it in Galaxy Note like u said and in Galaxy S4 (4.2.2) but it isnt working on both.
    Why? Pls help me 🙁

    • Install the game from the Apk look in google for the last version and install it if you still have the same problem make sure ARM translator is installed !

    • Patrick Meier

      Okay forget it, i forgot the ARM translation.

      Now its really working :O
      Thanks Bro

  • Rpk

    I have Android 4.4.2 and it doesn’t see my device… what should I do?

    • you will install a virtual device in your computer you don’t need to have an android device to play the game in computer

  • tsepe

    i have an issue! when i am trying to open the virtual device it automaticaly closed and this message apears on terminal!
    OpenGL connected to

    Port 22468 will be used for OpenGL data connections

    player: ../../../../../../../src/mesa/drivers/dri/i915/i915_fragprog.c:1273: i915BindProgram: Assertion `p->on_hardware == 0′ failed

    what can i do? please help!

    • seb

      i had the same issue when using a tablet. I removed it and installed the Galaxy Note as mentioned in the post and it works

  • Akelie J Stanford

    i cant launch genymotion with /opt/genymotion/genymotionr

    • What message do you get in the terminal ? are you sure that you made the installation in /opt/genymotion folder ?

  • RooT

    I’ve got this problem

    :/opt# /opt/genymotion/genymotion

    /opt/genymotion/genymotion: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.15′ not found (required by /opt/genymotion/

    /opt/genymotion/genymotion: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.15′ not found (required by /opt/genymotion/

    /opt/genymotion/genymotion: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.15′ not found (required by /opt/genymotion/

    pls help….

    • Make sure you have installed the right version of genymotion 32bit/64bit

  • Maricel Breviescas Dayo

    Hi, is anybody there can help me how to fix the issue about the network.
    It’s just the play store has the problem with the network. I keep on
    trying the other option on the VB but still not working.

    • If this problem only in Google play why don’t you try to install coc from apk you may also need to install Google play service from the apk too

  • B0ssh0gg

    How can i zoom in and out in coc ??

    • click the right mouse button and move the mouse

  • couky

    I’ve a blank/black screen when I launch the game
    AMD user.

  • Ab

    Every thing worked good ! But I am not getting Login Screen of Gmail Account. Thanks a lot for Above Information.

    • Go to settings — > accounts –> add account and select Google and you should see the Login Screen
      but you have to install Gapps if you haven’t which contains google play service … to be able to load your village

  • maksimims

    I was all set to write /opt/genymotion/genymotion.And writes Logging activities to file: /home/maxim/.Genymobile/genymotion.log
    Emergency stop

    What to do?Operating system :Linux mint 17.1 and virtualbox is 5.0?

    • show me what was writing in the log file /home/maxim/.Genymobile/genymotion.log and are you sure that you have installed the right version 64bit / 32bit !

      • maksimims

        thx i install wrong 64 bit after 32 and all work .

  • Troy Escuadro

    It says unable to find VirtualBox engine D:

    • Troy Escuadro

      Even though I already installed the VirtualBox

  • reyce prescod (apple the hedge

    It says:
    Virtualizing engine not found.Aborting plugin
    Why when i do have virtual box? :-l

  • yea


  • Michi

    It doesn’t worked. When I type /opt/genymotion/genymotion then it shows me bash: /opt/genymotion/genymotion: No such file or directory. Can someone help me? I also couldn’t start genymotion. I use Linux Mint 16

    • do the genymotion folder exist under /opt ? did you put “cd /opt” during the installation

      • Michi

        yes it does and yes i did. I really don’t know why it doesn’t works.

        • if /opt/genymotion/genymotion exist try this : “./opt/genymotion/genymotion” or try opening it with with privilege : “sudo /opt/genymotion/genymotion” or “sudo ./opt/genymotion/genymotion”

          • Michi

            Then It shows me “command not found”. That is really obviest. :/

          • Michi

            Then it shows me”command not found”. That is really irritating. :/

          • dude when it says “/opt/genymotion/genymotion: No such file or directory” it means something is missing could you show me the output of this command in your terminal “ls /opt/genymotion/” (a screenshot will be great)

  • arju

    can u plz give me the link to download genymotion app

  • Pritish Parihar

    i am having a problem while starting genymotion. It is asking for virtual machine but i already installed it. I am using trisquel os . i also verified installation of virtualbox by using command virtualbox.

    • try this command : sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup

  • Nishi Kant

    cd /home/pc_name/download
    chmod +x genymotion-2.2.2_x86.bin
    cd /opt
    sudo /home/pc_name/download/genymotion-2.2.2_x86.bin

    These commands are not working for Genymotion-2.6.0-linux_x86.bin.. Pls help how can i use it..

    • Change the third line with your pc name and the new genymotion version “sudo /home/[PC_NAME]/download/Genymotion-2.6.0-linux_x86.bin”

  • Nishi Kant

    I’m getting error page while deploying the GApp on Genymotion, Can anyone help to resolve it..

    Belove Error….

    An error occured while deploying the file.
    failed to copy ‘/home/nishikant/Pictures/’ to ‘/sdcard/Download//’: Transport endpoint is not connected

  • Alfalo

    But if I activate the emulator, my pc doesn’t become an android device, does it?

    • Abhishek Deora

      No, it just runs in a separate window just like any other program!

  • shashisha janith

    this command is not working,
    [email protected]:/opt$ /opt/genymobile/genymotion
    bash: /opt/genymobile/genymotion: Is a directory
    show that in my computer….
    plz help me…….?

    • Where did you install Genymotion? do you have a folder called genymobile in /opt Anyway make sure to put the path where Genymotion is installed they may have changed the path in newer version so just open the file explorer (or us the ls command) en check where the installed folder is

  • Abhishek Deora

    The download link for ARM and GApps are expired.
    ALternative links can be found here :