play ski safari game Apk on pc (linux/mac/windows)


i wrote an article Play game Ski Safari (android/iphone) In PC and a lot of visitor have visited this article but it may same of you don’t want to play the game online, maybe you want to install the game in your computer and play it like you have an android or iphone device so today i gonna give you some ways to install a virtual device in your pc and enjoy playing the game.

first those ways may be a Little complex and the easy way to play ski safari is play it online  

You will need Ski safari apk file you can download it from here.

First way is to use bluestacks 

this software let you try any mobile apps on your PC it work in Windows and Mac and it is easy to use, but it may that ski safari don’t work for you with this software for me it doesn’t work when i open the game the software crush but there a lot of people how try playing ski safari in blustacks and it work for them so you can try it 

i already make a tutorial about how to install a game on it from here : Run clash of clans on pc or mac

second way  is to use genymotion

this way is a little complex but it work for me and i play the game All you need is to set up a virtual device like i did in this tutorial  : 

then install the apk and enjoy playing the game

you can also use youwave But you have to use the paid version

Any way there are a lot of method you can use just pick one ^^

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