Installing Android Studio / Eclipse in Windows


Welcome Again guys i have already made a tutorial about how to install Android Studio and Eclipse in Linux if you haven’t see it, you can visit the article from here : Installing Android Studio / Eclipse in Ubuntu anyway today i gonna show you how to do that in windows like i say i know installing programs is not complicated 

but the website is still new and i have to put some articles before starting the real work also who knows maybe this article can help someone.   

So first thing you need to install java, you can download it from the official website :

and installing it by following the bored stuff (Install, next …)




Now let’s install eclipse first it’s kind of easy download the program from here :

then extract the file into c:Program Files (x86)Android when you do you will found two folder eclipse and SDK open the folder Eclipse  and you should found eclipse.exe just open it and that’s it !


for android studio download it from here :

and install it 


 now before open the software there is something you have to do go to system properties


Advanced system settings –> Tab advanced –>Environment variables ..


 in User Variables for ~user

add new 

variable name : a name (JAVA_Home)

 Variable value : the destination of Java installation (for my case C:Program Files (x86)Javajdk1.7.0_45)


now you can open Android Studio 


don’t forget to check for update.

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